If you were ever looking to buy a second-hand luxury sports car, the last person you want to purchase it off is an egomaniacal maniac who last drove the vehicle on a serious quaaludes binge. However, when the previous owner happens to Jordan Belfort, who was (in)famously portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, then maybe it's worth considering... until you see the three-figure sum that you need to cough up.

The Lam-bros were probably sick to their stomach as they watched DiCaprio (under instruction of director Martin Scorsese) desecrate the Lamborghini Countach because of the world's worst trip, but another car that Belfort droveand isn't featured in the filmwas a white Ferrari Testarossa, and it's been taken care of much better. He originally bought the car from a New York Ferrari Dealership, Kessler Motors (from Steven Kessler himself, actually). Since then, 'the keys to the ignition' have passed through the hands of two owners who have taken much care of it, better than The Wolf himself.

Unfortunately, the owner's book doesn't contain Belfort's signature, but even without that important detail, it will still set you back £100,000. Why, you ask? Because it's a freakin' luxury sports carthat's why. Rumour has it the Testarossa was "involved in a 'Wolf' moment, as early as the original test drive" but exactly what "that moment" was remains disclosed by the dealer. We guess the only way to find out is by dropping that six-figure sum, and just in case you were looking to buy it...

Here's a look at how the previous owner treats his valuables

You can see images of Jordan Belfort's old Ferrari Testarossa in the gallery below, and if you happen to be stinking rich, click here to buy it. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with bags of cash, 'ludes, or Margot Robbie.