Prank calls can quickly get out of hand. But this takes it to the next level.

On Saturday night, a Burger King in Morro Bay, California got a call from someone pretending to be a fire department official, saying there was a gas leak and that they needed to “ventilate” the building. Somehow, this escalated into the employees smashing virtually all of the restaurants windows, presumably to let more air in it. It didn’t stop there though: a manager even resorted to using his car to ram the building, and causing $35,000 worth of damage in total. The Burger King is now closed for repairs and the manager who thought it would be a good idea to drive a car into his workplace has been unsurprisingly suspended.

The Morro Bay Police Department are looking for anyone with information. And while you might think the employees were kinda dumb to do what a random caller told them to do, it’s far from the first incident of its type. In the late 90s and early 2000s, a phone-based pervert spent nearly ten years calling fast food outlets and grocery stores pretending to be law enforcement, and somehow convincing managers to strip search and otherwise degrade their employees (One of the incidents formed the basis for a great—and disturbing AF—film called Compliance).

[via KSBY]