While in London this week, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly decided to try new things—lol nah, just kidding, the dude is just sticking to what he does best. Two months removed from breaking up with his mid-twenties blonde model girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach, Leo has allegedly started hooking up with Roxy Horner, a—you guessed it—blonde model in her mid-twenties. Don't quote me on this, but I'm starting to think that some LA shaman once told Leo that the key to obtaining Oscars is hidden in the vaginas of 24-year-old women who pose for perfume advertisements.

According to Page Six, Leo and Roxy "were out in London at Chiltern Firehouse on two consecutive nights, and Leo seemed to be paying her a lot of attention." The Mirror also reported that Leo planted the seeds with Roxy when they met "a while ago" in Los Angeles, and that after they finally got together in London, "sparks were flying. They were hooking up throughout the night." Nice, bro!

Before you go place an order for 1,000 airbrushed LOXY T-shirts though, you should know that this whole thing may be made up. Page Six and The Mirror both had second sources throw water on this Leo-Roxy pairing, saying "Leo isn't seeing anyone," and "it's silly and made-up," respectively. Honestly though, Leo probably wouldn't find himself caught up in some many rumors involving young blonde models if he didn't hook up with so many young blonde models.

For her part, Roxy isn't owning up to boning out your boy Leo. "You can’t have a friend in the industry without people assuming it’s more than that . . . It’s a joke," she tweeted, adding, "FYI we all went our separate ways home, as friends do." Those tweets have since been deleted. Meanwhile, these tweets remain on her page:

A lot of tweets about Titanic, DON'T YA THINK!?

Anywho, stay tuned for the Oscars on Sunday to see if all that vagina-mining will finally pay off.