Emma Watson gave a women's sex advice site a ringing endorsement during a How to: Academy talk on Wednesday, praising its research-oriented approach. Joined by feminist activist and writer Gloria Steinem, the Harry Potter star spoke candidly on the progress of gender equality and how to continue furthering its influence in the years ahead. "I was disturbed by how long a conversation I could have with any woman about what she didn't like about herself," Watson told Steinem during the London discussion, the Huffington Post reports. Steinem agreed, noting that "our bodies are instruments not ornaments."

For Watson, her OMGYes subscription has proven particularly helpful. "It's based on research, which is a complete study on female sexuality," Watson told Steinem and her audience, according to People. "It's a pretty cool website. I wish it had been around longer." Adding that the subscription was admittedly a little costly, Watson says the experience more than justifies the price: "It's an expensive subscription, but it's worth it."

"What I hope it will do is to inspire new and more daring conversations among couples to help foster better communication," Debby Herbenick, an associate professor at Indiana University who was approached by OMGYes to do a study, told Forbes earlier this month. Herbenick was asked to work on a study that took a closer look at "women’s sexual pleasure orgasms" in an effort to further break down the ridiculous "taboo" so often associated with the topic.​

The site's founders, Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, tell Wired that they hope their service can successfully eliminate the "epidemic" of such an unjust taboo. "Partners aren’t asking and women aren’t telling, it’s omitted from sex education, and there’s a lot of misinformation," Perkins says. "When we put a call out to women to share and set the record straight, we had an outpouring of support."

For those interested in obtaining some honest and candid orgasm tips of their own, you can actually get started with OMGYes for just under thirty bucks.