President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, meaning we are now deep in the throes of people speculating as to what exactly Obama will or won't say. Of course, such speculation is largely pointless unless you're sprinkling in some decidedly Daily Show​-esque truth.

"What do I know for sure about this year's speech?" Roy Wood Jr. asked passionately on Monday's broadcast. "Obama has no more fucks to give." To back up this "no fucks" argument, Wood pointed viewers to this recent tweet:

"Look at that face," Wood requested. "He does not care. That is the same face I make when I'm about to leave my job."

Current speculation, perhaps confirmed by Daily Show's "no fucks to give" prediction, says that Obama's final SOTU will largely defy the usual traditions. Noted politician Jerry Seinfeld, however, is not expected to be in attendance.