There was apparently another highly tweetable but mostly soul-crushing Republican debate last night. Ridiculous things were said. Some equally ridiculous faces were made. Predictably, most of these things and faces can be traced directly back to one Donald Trump, the zit on politics that no amount of prescription acne medication can seem to erase. 

But what about the people actually supporting this guy? What’s the deal with that? The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper, the person responsible for the recent destruction of that whole "good guy with a gun" theory nonsense, decided to hold a "focus group" of sorts with apparent Trump supporters. 

Without further ado, meet this particular group of people apparently immune to facts:

Comedy Central

"This is a group that doesn’t like statistics [and] thinks Muslims need not apply," Klepper explained without exaggeration. "Some would consider rounding up the Jews." Sadly, that last bit is not a slice of absurdist humor aimed at exposing the extremism in much of Trump's rhetoric. When Klepper conducted a quick poll of who would still support Trump if he actually proposed a "national registry of Jews," two members of the group said they would still stand behind their candidate.

This is the current state of American politics.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.