While we definitely expected the writers and cast of Saturday Night Live to make their own statement on the lack of diversity in this year's Oscar nominees, we didn't exactly know how they were going to do it. But following the promises to boycott, the unintelligent statements made by some Academy members, and a change in member rules going forward—well, there was plenty work with.

On last night's show, Cecily Strong appeared at the Dolby Theatre in honor of the Screen Guild Awards. She was there to present the award for best actor. Like this years Oscar nominees, all the nominated actors are white, but SNL takes it one step further. As Strong goes on announcing the nominees we see how quickly some of the most talented black actors are overshadowed by white actors in inconsequential roles. For example, Strong introduces Thurgood, a fictional film about Thurgood Marshall. The actor playing the Supreme Court Justice is overlooked and the nomination goes to a white dude who shows up in a powerful scene to tell Marshall that the library is closing.

It's one of SNL's sharper sketches, and it not only mocks the Academy, but it also sheds light on some embarrassing truths.