Remember the Oculus Rift? It was the virtual reality headset that was going to revolutionize gaming, travel, movies and more a couple of years ago. The excitement was there only to be lost a bit when the crowdfunded endeavor was bought up by overlord that is Facebook in 2014. In the time after that talk of the Oculus Rift has died down though popping up occasionally like when it enabled a senior citizen to kiss an alien. Time to board the hype train again because the Oculus Rift is now on sale to the public. 

The Oculus Rift was put on pre-sale today with a $599 price tag. Those who first managed to get their hands on one should begin to receive them starting in March. The hefty price includes the headset as well as a Xbox One controller and the Lucky's Tale and EVE Valkyrie games. If you thought $599 was too much get this you'll likely have to drop even more money to even use the thing. As Oculus recommends users PCs meet certain requirements (which you can read about here) to support the Rift. Users whose PCs don't cut it have two options: 1. Build a computer to sustain the Rift 2. Buy an "Oculus Ready PC" which Oculus is selling for at least $949.