Lindsay Lohan, who most recently had us typing up a few hundred words about how dressing like Sharon Tate on Charles Manson's birthday maybe isn't a great idea, is sliding into 2016 on a purportedly awful wave of offensiveness. According to a report from the esteemed Radar, Lohan and her sister Ali reportedly hit a Manhattan bar on Friday with a storm of "racist" insults and some misplaced saliva.

"They walked in off the street and made a beeline for the bathroom," the unnamed source tells Radar. "They didn’t order a drink or anything. They were in there for around 20 minutes and then the bartender started knocking on the door and asked them to come out." At this point, the source claims, Lohan started to become "aggressive and belligerent" before launching into a series of "racist" remarks. "Lindsay came out and her eyes were glazed over," the source claims. "She started yelling at the bartender – who is originally from West Africa – 'This is New York. You’re not from here!'"

Everything then escalated quite quickly, with Lohan allegedly spitting in the face of the source's friend before exiting. Cops eventually arrived at the bar to question a friend of Lindsay's, but not before another purported friend showed up and allegedly threatened to harm the bartender. Though no one involved in the incident is believed to be pressing charges, everyone remains pretty astounded at how quickly the entire incident descended into purported chaos. "If that was me and someone spat in my face, I would have lost control," the bartender tells Radar. "If you spit in someone's face you don’t consider them a human being. Their behavior was disgusting."

In related news, Lindsay Lohan may or may not be running for president in 2020.