Charles Manson celebrated his 81st birthday on Thursday from the comforts of Corcoran State Prison in California, where he’s currently serving nine concurrent life sentences for murders his followers committed during the summer of 1969. Sharon Tate, the well-respected actress who was eight and a half months pregnant when Manson’s followers attacked the residents of her Beverly Hills home, was stabbed to death in August of that year alongside three of her friends.


Lindsay Lohan, who we last saw announcing her 2020 presidential candidacy, posted the ‘gram above alongside a caption reading "I LOVE SHARON TATE" on Manson’s birthday. Damn. Of course, people with an encyclopedic knowledge of public figures’ birthdays and/or a penchant for reactionary googling quickly noted the date, though Lohan herself hasn’t responded to this discovery or bothered to clarify her intentions.

Though the Manson murders have maintained a remarkable stronghold in the American mainstream discussion in the decades since that tragic night, this latest headline snatcher is either a wholly unfortunate coincidence or a pretty misguided attempt at a Tate tribute. Let us know, Lindsay.