We're just over two months away from DC's and Warner Bros. highly anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, so far the three trailers have established that Batman and Superman will be coming to blows over a difference of ideology with Lex Luthor pulling the strings in the background. However judging form the latest production photos (taken from the latest issue of Empire via ComicBookMovie) things may not appear as clear cut and there maybe another major villain who may (or may not) have a major role to play in the upcoming film.

Oh just in case you didn't know potential spoiler alert ahead...

If you know that symbol in the background you know your comic books.

So for anyone with a keen eye this happens to be the symbol for one of the Justice League's most nefarious villains, Darkseid. Whilst nothing in the official trailers or synopsis suggests that he'll be in the film the presence of his omega symbol could play a huge significance. We've already been surprised to see the villain Doomsday included in the film but according to production designer Patrick Tatopoulos "Doomsday isn't even the final act" and that DC's holy trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) face a much "lager threat". Could that 'threat' be Darkseid? Even if he doesn't appear it's more than likely that they will be setting him up as the main villain in the future Justice League film.

Explaining who Darkseid is would take too much time so to cut a long short: he rules a planet called Apokolips and he's determined to take over the world. Which is the standard evil villain protocol these days.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

We guess the only way to find out will be on March 25th.