The thirst is real with El Chapo. Notorious drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán was just recaptured after months on the run from Mexican authorities, but his time on the lam was anything but low-profile. While hiding out in mountains and evading Mexican authorities, the drug lord somehow managed to orchestrate a biopic about himself, sit down for a nice chat with Sean Penn, and even, new reports say, undergo surgery for erectile dysfunction.

According to Business Insider, El Chapo had the operation sometime between September and October 2015—about three months after his escape from a high-security prison. According to high-level sources in Mexico's National Security Commission cited by Sin Embargo, the only time El Chapo left his "comfort zone" in Sianola (his cartel's home turf) during his six months on the run was to visit Tijuana for the surgery.

The surgery itself required general anesthesia and involved a testicular implant to improve blood circulation. Journalist Carlos Loret, who was the first to describe the scene at El Chapo'sfinal safe house, said Mexican authorities found "injectable testosterone, syringes, antibiotics, anti-inflamatories, and a prescription for more than 4,000 pesos in drugs to improve sexual performance." 

El Chapo reportedly had his first meeting with actress Kate del Castillo (who he'd been text-flirting with for months) after the surgery, proving that even on the run from the law, thirst was his driving force.