While Craigslist could be a useful and pretty entertaining tool, the classified advertisements website became more than that for Katie Higgins, a reporter for KOKI-TV who stumbled upon a frightening post while searching through the Tulsa, Oklahoma pages. Higgins found a post that brags of a "first kill" committed by an anonymous figure.

The anonymous post claims that the murder was at random, a "stranger on stranger" killing. Speaking of Tulsa, the writer, in one of the most ominous lines, also states, "It all started here, so was thinking it should be also my first." The letter then goes on to say that this will not be the last.

After finding the post, Higgins was quick to share the information with the Tulsa Police Department, who began investigating the situation right away. 

"We've assigned it to our intelligence unit to attempt to possibly subpoena Craigslist records to see who posted this," Leland Ashley, a Tulsa police officer, told the Huffington Post earlier this week. 

According to the Post, Tulsa's police are more inclined to take the letter seriously considering that two figures, a judge and a Department of Corrections employee, are name-dropped.

Still, there's no immediate evidence that anything has happened. "We don’t have anyone that’s unaccounted for that we're aware of," Ashley said. "We don’t have any missing persons that would have recently become missing."

Although the post has since been deleted, Higgins posted a screenshot of it onto her Facebook page. You can see it below. 


What do you think about this creepy Craigslist post titled "Tulsa Murder?" I sent it to police this weekend when I found it - now find out what they're doing about it tonight at 9.

Posted by FOX23 Katie Higgins on Wednesday, January 6, 2016