Politics are supposed to be dirty, but Bernie Sanders is smart enough to know that there are some things just not worth bringing up. He's already made it clear that he finds the Hillary Clinton email scandal exhausting, and now the Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, has beef to pick with Donald Trump and one of his latest preoccupations.

Earlier this morning Sanders appeared ABC's This Week. At some point during the program, host Martha Raddatz asked the candidate if he agreed with Trump's position that bringing up Bill Clinton's sexual past was fair to use against Hillary. As per usual, he had some pretty smart things to say on the subject. 

"No, I don't. I think, you know, we have enormous problems facing this country and I think we got more things to worry about than Bill Clinton's sexual life," Sanders said, before putting Trump on the stand. "I think—interestingly enough, maybe Donald Trump might want to focus attention on climate change, understand that climate change is not a hoax, as he believes that it is, that maybe Donald Trump should understand that we should raise the minimum wage in this country, which he opposes, and maybe we should not be giving huge tax breaks to fellow billionaires like Donald Trump." 

Ouch. There you go.