It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to leave the baggage of 2015 behind. For some, that means breaking it off with someone because it just isn’t working out. The deed itself is difficult enough but a series of apps and websites will handle the tough parts for you, the New York Times reports

For instance, the Breakup Shop offers a variety of packages ranging from $5 to $80 to end a relationship via email, snail mail, text, or Snapchap. Nice options include a gift pack with chocolate chip cookies and a copy of The Notebook on Blu-way while one naughty option sends a "mean photo attachment" of you with your new replacement.

Facebook is even stepping into the online consciously uncoupling game with a new "breakup flow" that lets you limit the visibility of an ex. That includes untagging photos, moving past posts to the bottom and removing them from your newsfeed. "It’s like unfriending lite," Kelly Winters, a product manager on the compassion team, said. Members of this elite group handle sensitive moments like appointing someone to handle your account when you’re dead.

She added, "We spoke to social scientists and experts to try and understand: Are we creating good? One of the most powerful moments was talking to a man going through a divorce after 20 years. He said: 'I have to co-parent our children with her for the rest of our lives. I’ve invested more in this relationship than anything else in my life.' We want to be thoughtful about the fact that you might want to stay connected but don’t want to be reminded. The breakup flow lets people stay in touch gently and casually, and it’s on your terms.'" It's currently only available to a random test group in the U.S. on mobile devices. 

Additional handy helpers include KillSwitch, which removes all photos, videos and status updates from Facebook, and Out of Your Life and Exboyfriend Jewelry, which lets you sell your ex’s things. 

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