Anticipation has been building for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 since its hugely successful prequel hit theaters last year. The trailers have made it pretty clear that we'll all be sobbing into our sleeves by the end of the movie, but luckily last night's premiere had at least one moment of levity. 

It came when Jennifer Lawrence swooped in to bomb Natalie Dormer's on-camera interview with a friendly cheek kiss (so French). Instead of keeping her focus on the interviewer, Dormer turned her head to look at Lawrence—leading to one of the most awkward accidental kisses of all time. Both actresses cracked up, and a startled Lawrence flapped her hands and apologized. "We just kissed on camera," she said. "And I liked it!" Then she slunk away, leaving Dormer to deal with the fallout. "I'll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face," Dormer quipped before continuing down the carpet. Because when your co-star is Jennifer Lawrence, you're prepared for anything.