The Fat Jew, accused joke thief and fledgling fashion designer, has gotten his book stolen in a bit of karma. The comedian, who’s built his career on aggregated memes curated by himself and his “army of interns” responsible for crediting (or not crediting) people in the past, successfully penned Money Pizza Respect bouncing back from his failed Comedy Central deal. But The Fat Jew has suffered another blow after someone has tweeted out the book in its entirety, even claiming ownership of it. Death and Taxes broke the news earlier today.

The person claiming authorship of Money Pizza Respect is Twitter user @updog7, with their bio reading: “hey there, i wrote a book.”  The user, really proud of their “work” or really adamant about sticking it to The Fat Jew tweeted a link to a PDF on Google Drive containing all of Money Pizza Respect. Said tweet is now being, “withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.” The user tweeted scans of Money Pizza Respect for all to see if you’re so inclined to read The Fat Jew’s memoir or want to glance at pictures of him in speedos. User @updog7 has you covered until the account is removed. At least The Fat Jew has a modeling career and wine business to fall back on. 

[via Gawker]