When President Barack Obama graced the cover of GQ's Men of the Year issue, a lot of attention was drawn to the accompanying interview between POTUS and Bill Simmons (RIP Grantland). The two discussed everything from cigarettes ("I made a promise that once health care passed, I would never have a cigarette again") to Donald Trump ("I would've enjoyed campaigning against Trump"), but the most shared quotable from the exchange was surely this surprisingly verbose section on Game of Thrones:

What’s your guiltiest-pleasure TV show? Don’t say Game of Thrones, because that’s a good show.

Probably the guiltiest pleasure—and this is kind of lame—is Big Break. You know, on the Golf Channel? Which is kind of a silly show. [laughs] But I find it really relaxing.

So you watch it on the treadmill or something?

Yeah, when I’m working out sometimes late at night. I never see all the episodes, but if they’ve got some chipping contest or something… [laughs] It’s pretty lame. I do love Game of Thrones.

Which character do you identify with?

My favorite character is probably…the dwarf, what’s his name?

Oh, yeah. Peter Dinklage’s character.

The problem with Game of Thrones, though, is that I don’t remember the names of any of the characters.

I don’t, either.

I remember the characters, so when I watch it, I know exactly what’s going on. But if you read a review of the show afterwards and they’re mentioning such and such, the only one I remember is Jon Snow, because I can pronounce Jon Snow.

Which Game of Thrones character is Donald Trump?

Uh…I don’t think…I don’t think any of them rise to that level.

Naturally, resident pop culture fact-checker Stephen Colbert took great issue with Obama's assertion that he doesn't "remember the names" of any of the characters. "You’re telling us you don’t even remember Hodor’s name?" Colbert asks urgently. "Well, I guess that’s understandable, he only says it like 50 times per episode!" Peep the full response above, then brush up on your GoT character names and general knowledge lest you risk the wrath of Colbert.