Twenty-eight year-old Stephanie Sigman is one of Spectre's three Bond girls, a proud lineage of bikinis, bon mots, and uncertain loyalties. Spectre is the James Bond franchise's 24th feature film, and the second to be directed by Sam Mendes.

As Mexico's very first Bond girl, Sigman is excited by the rollout of her first blockbuster role, and she's admittedly a bit shy in the face of all this press. She's a fledgling pro, however. Sigman first turned heads in the Cannes critical darling Miss Bala back in 2011. And apart from Spectre, Sigman recently appeared in the FX television series The Bridge, as well as Netflix's Narcos, a surprise hit series about Pablo Escobar's legendary cocaine empire in Colombia. There's a lot of intrigue and dangerous romance in her portfolio. Still, the only hero sexier than her co-star Daniel Craig is her childhood fave, Spider-Woman.

How did you end up auditioning for Spectre?
I got a call from a casting director that they were looking for Mexican actors. I couldn't go to any of the auditions, so I did a self-tape and sent it to the casting director, who sent it to the producer, who sent it to the director. They liked it!

Did you watch Bond films growing up?
Of course. James Bond is so big everywhere. I love Skyfall, the previous film. I knew Sam Mendes was going to direct this one, too, and I was just very excited to be able to work with him.

Who's your favorite Bond?
Daniel Craig, of course.