Funnier than pranking your girlfriend into thinking your son exploded is this YouTuber’s prank about porn blasting from a laptop he’s asked a stranger to watch for him. Sure it can’t top that time porn played over the loudspeakers at Target to horrified customers, but it comes close. 

Youtuber Josh Paler Lin dubbed this the “Sex in the Library” prank where he asked college students to watch his laptop while he went to the bathroom. Once he left the manipulated laptop with these kind souls he would start playing porn. The first group of students victims in the quiet area of the library scrambled to mute the sound, even closing the laptop, all the while cracking up. One of the girls even calls Lin a “dick,” which is even funnier given the situation. Finally one genius suggests plugging headphones in. Other victims weren’t as quick-thinking, instead struggling to make the embarrassing situation stop, blushing and nervously laughing. Aren't you glad this isn't you? Watch the hilarious hijinks above. 

[via Bro Bible]