J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, besides giving endless amounts of children (myself included) years of joy and entertainment through her beloved book series and later its mega successful film franchise, also served to brainwash young, impressionable minds with its homosexual themes, says one pastor. Rather than exposing children to the deviant that is Harry Potter—and Daniel Radcliffe who admitted to playing with his wand on set—and his magical realm, this pastor says children are better off being drowned.

At the National Religious Liberties Conference pastor Kevin Swanson railed against homosexuality and called on America to “repent” for “defying the almighty.” “Friends, we are on the very cusp of judgment as I see it. We need to call America to repent. Repentance from defying the almighty. Repentance of abortion, the hundreds of millions of dead bodies, I don’t know how many.” And that’s when his speech turned to UK-export, Harry Potter. “America, repent of Harry Potter,” Swanson said. “Repent that Dumbledore emerged as a homosexual mentor for Harry Potter.” Swanson is referring to the fact that Rowling has previously mentioned she envisioned Dumbledore as a gay man, a fact so horrid, according to Swanson, that he said, 

The ridiculous rant also rallied against animated film How to Train Your Dragon for similar reasons. “Children are raised to be stumbled by the Dumbledores and Hiccups on How to Train Your Dragon,” Swanson said. “My friends, America needs to repent.”

America has plenty to repent for: racism, its justice system, the way it treats mental illness, but definitely not Harry Potter and Dumbledore. 

[via The Independent]