Halloween brings with it some of the strangest traditions and they only get weirder as you get older. As a kid, I ran around the neighborhood after dark collecting candy from complete strangers. With the many psychopaths on Everett Avenue, I can't believe I lived to see the seventh grade.

As a teenager, me and some of my buddies would drive around egging houses (I'm not proud of this), until one day this kid Marcus' dad confronted us about it in a Blockbuster. He was scary AF too. I haven't thrown an egg since.

Now as a full blown adult, I go to parties begrudgingly, oftentimes in a struggle costume, rarely having fun. 

My point is that Halloween is a time of year that's highlighted by danger, fear, and regret. No one gets out unscathed. So today, we're spotlighting those especially pitiful moments with a countdown of scare pranks and costume fails. Happy Halloween and enjoy.