There hasn’t been a person on the moon for half a century and  Russia looks to change that. Scientists plan to send their first cosmonauts by 2030 and they’re teaming up with the European Space Agency to do so.

According to Yahoo, these plans were unveiled during a space and technology conference in Moscow on Tuesday. The head of Roscosmos Energia—Russia's equivalent to NASA—announced: "A manned flight to the moon and lunar landing is planned for 2029."

Bérengère Houdou, head of the lunar-exploration group at ESA's European Space Research and Technology Center, also spoke of plans for the manned mission. "We have an ambition to have European astronauts on the moon. There are currently discussion at international level going on for broad cooperation on how to go back to the moon."

Both Russia and Europe previously expressed an interest in creating a permanent base on the moon, and have already made moves to get started. 

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