True Keanu Reeves fans don't even acknowledge the existence of Speed 2: Cruise Control, the annoyingly boat-themed attempt at a so-called sequel to the 1994 Oscar-winning (true!) ultraclassic Speed. There are a lot of reasons for this intentional oversight, though the most glaringly obvious of them is the noticeable lack of one Keanu Reeves. Another reason people pretend this movie doesn't exist is, well, boat nonsense like this:

Thankfully, Keanu dropped by Jimmy Kimmel's performance art extravaganza Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to deliver the first look at the totally real and definitely not a joke A Reasonable Speed. In the name of glorifying the joys of safe driving, Reeves is shown daringly obeying stop signs and looking in both directions before crossing an intersection. Dubbed "the first movie ever produced by the California Highway Patrol," A Reasonable Speed is the wildly pleasant action movie Earth never knew it wanted needed.

Our own Erik Abriss recently shared a few words with Keanu regarding the hoopla surrounding society's incessant obsession with sequels and reboots, a conversation that actually ended up warranting some compelling Bill & Ted news. Also, Keanu ends the interview with this assessment of Point Break:

Oh, Johnny Utah. What a ridiculous, beautiful name.