If you thought, upon your first viewing of the Keanu Reeves instaclassic John Wick, "Wow, this would make a fantastic video game, nay, virtual reality experience," then you're far from alone. Starbreeze and WEVR are collaborating on exactly that, with an expected release sometime in 2016. According to The Verge, Wick devotees can catch an early glimpse at the experience during the HTC Vive World Tour.

Though Starbreeze describes the John Wick VR experience as "a stand-alone, first-person shooter game based on the world and characters of the John Wick films and centered around the infamous Continental Hotel," not much is known as far as plot and general development. The embracing of the John Wick universe by the VR set isn't all that surprising, especially given the fact that John Wick is currently a downloadable character in the Starbreeze hit Payday 2.

Of course, this announcement is not without its frustrations. Namely, where is the VR experience accompaniment for all those other Keanu Reeves classics? I want to experience The Matrix, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Something's Gotta Give, and A Walk in the Clouds with unfettered three-dimensional access. Make it happen, Starbreeze.



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