Wayne Simmons' biography sounds like some real-life badass secret agent stuff. Over a 27-year career with the CIA, he worked deep cover to combat drug traffickers and terrorists while taking part in "industrial and economic espionage" all over the globe as part of the "Outside Paramilitary Special Operations" group. 

He's also a giant fraud who made up that career to get jobs as a government contractor and to cover up his own criminal record by writing off past arrests as part of his undercover work, according to federal prosecutors. 

Oh, and guess what? He was one of Fox News' favorite "expert" guests, having appeared on the network dozens of times since 2002 to offer insight on the government's fight against terrorism, the Washington Post reports. 

Simmons was indicted in federal court this week on charges of "false statements, major fraud against the U.S. and wire fraud."

CNN points out that Simmons had a history of saying wild stuff when he showed up on Fox: 

Simmons regularly made extreme and factually dubious statements pertaining to terrorism and national security. Just this January, he claimed there were "at least 19 paramilitary Muslim training facilities in the United States."

He's also accused of scamming a guy out of $125,000 in a real estate deal. He allegedly took that money and used it for himself.