It's so annoying when baby boomers get nostalgic for their time. We get it, you played outside until fireflies came out, your cousin got impaled with Lawn Darts, you liked the show Howdy Doody. When people get nostalgic for their childhood it's cloying, and plain wrong, unless they grew up in a Golden Age.

Being a kid in the '90s was that Golden Age. And if an elder brings up a story about their yo-yo or polio vaccine, remind them, you had SNICK

Nothing beat Saturday night on Nickelodeon. From 8-10 p.m., you were allowed to stay up past your regular school-night bedtime and enjoy two solid hours of entertainment. Of course, some shows are classics, and others you sat through because what else is a 12-year-old supposed to do on a Saturday night? Here, we rank the shows that made your boring life worth living from 1992-1999. 

Hope Schreiber is a freelance writer and remembers when apple was a fruit, kids played outside, and the bubonic plague. She tweets here.