Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have been elected to a majority government in the country’s 42nd general election.

The tone was set early on election day with the Liberal party dominating the polls in Atlantic Canada before the red tide began to sweep west across the country.

For weeks the airwaves were plagued with attack ads while party leaders squared off in five different debates that touched on a range of topics, including pensions, public infrastructure, the niqab and Syrian refugees.

Thomas Mulcair and the NDPs watched a promising start fizzle. They were in the lead when the election began on August 2nd, but the orange party and Mulcair failed to build on that early momentum as summer came to an end. The NDP continued to fall to a distant third through the fall while Trudeau's Liberals and Harper's Conservatives battled it out. In recent weeks the Liberal party continued to build momentum and take the lead in opinion polls.

That lead ensured that decades after his famous father, Pierre Trudeau, stepped down as Prime Minister in 1984, a Trudeau would once again reside at 24 Sussex Drive.