Since the official Bill Murray Day doesn't come around again until next September, society should prepare itself to just go ahead and admit that every single day is Bill Murray Day. Though Mac Miller and other admirable minds have attempted to beat Bill at his own game by, say, randomly gifting him with an expensive bottle of wine on the golf course, the reigning King of Whimsy still remains entirely unmatched:

Yes, that is Bill Murray dressed as what many have astutely described as an ingenious blend of Natalie Portman in Black Swan and a Shakespearean clown. Though Bill was mostly stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his new movie Rock the Kasbah, he also took the opportunity to clarify the circumstances surrounding his relationship with Netflix.

As previously reported, Bill is set to drop A Very Murray Christmas on the streaming platform in December, though Bill himself might not get a chance to catch it: "I’ve never seen Netflix in my life," Murray revealed. "I have no idea how to get it. And it’s unfortunate that I’ll never see this show." King Bill also shared some insight on his adoration for New York and his beloved family of Cubs fans:

Praise be to King Bill.