Bill Murray, master of whimsy, visited the Late Show on Tuesday for what is presumably his final appearance before David Letterman takes a bow on Wednesday night. Murray has been a prominent fixture throughout Letterman's late-night career, even as far back as his original stint as host of NBC's Late Night — which Letterman debuted in 1982 with Bill as the very first guest.

On Tuesday's show, Bill Murray emerged from a cake that read "Goodbye, Dave" — promptly removing his cake-tinged goggles to embrace Dave before sharing his own version of "Give Peace a Chance," which Bill kindly changed to "More Worldwide Pants." Worldwide Pants, of course, is the name of Letterman's production company — the force behind Late Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways.

Bill also took the celebration to the streets, imbuing Broadway with his cake-and-brilliance-fueled elation.

So far, only the Foo Fighters have been officially announced for Letterman's final Late Show — airing Wednesday night.