Miller Lite may already be the beer of choice for everyone simply too humble to enjoy Stella Artois, but its greatest distinction now lies in its status as the official beer of the McConaughey family. Matthew McConaughey's older brother Michael, perhaps best known as "Rooster," ingeniously named his son Miller Lyte (clever copyright avoidance, Rooster) in an attempt to honor his longstanding tradition of frequenting the beer's oaky flatness.

Though young Miller Lyte was born nine years ago, SABMiller apparently didn't receive word of Rooster's touching tribute until this year. SABMiller is now paying tribute to Rooster's tribute by gifting him with a year's supply of Miller Lite, according to Fox 5. By SABMiller's best estimates, 24 cases of beer qualifies as a "year's supply," though simple mathematics disprove such an estimate almost immediately.

Rooster, of course, is now a semi-household name in his own right after landing his own CNBC series entitled West Texas Investors Club. The docuseries follows a group of self-made millionaires as they continue to be self-made millionaires, only adding an additional layer of mystery to Rooster McConaughey that his brother Matthew could easily capture in a decidedly meta Oscar-winning performance.