Unless Friday breaks the pattern and provides something even worse, the Hungarian camerawoman now known as the person who likes to trip (and also kick!) Syrian refugees for fun is most certainly this week's most egregious asshole. As previously reportedPetra Laszlo (shown in her natural habitat of assholery in the viral-in-the-bad-way video above) was quickly fired by N1TV upon the video's almost immediate virality on Twitter.

The tripped victim in the clip above was eventually identified by Index.hu as Osama Al-Ghabad, a former Syrian football club coach. Együtt-PM (Together party) and the Democratic Coalition reportedly plan to "initiate charges" against Laszlo of "violence against a member of the community," which carries the possibility of a five-year prison sentence. According to the Daily Dot, an Index.hu editor later confirmed that Laszlo had been charged with "truculency," though the possibility of more serious charges still stands.

The seemingly preposterous but sadly quite real incident reportedly occurred near the Hungary / Serbia border in Röszke, with nearly 200 refugees thankfully managing to evade police on their way to a highway that eventually leads to Budapest. Meanwhile in America, noted politicians are preoccupied with the dire societal impact of both the whip and the nae nae.