New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Republican presidential hopeful, is a big guy. One year he reportedly spent $82,594 on concessions at MetLife Stadium—home of the Jets and Giants—though it should be noted he’s a fan of neither, rooting for the Cowboys. After undergoing Lap-Band surgery (where a band is placed around the stomach to limit food intake) in 2013 to lose weight, Christie has turned over a new leaf and is now passing on the message to others, including one New Jersey National Guard leader. 

When Christie learned that Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Cunniff had skipped physical-fitness tests repeatedly and was even put on notice by the Pentagon he gave Cuniff 90 days to drop the weight and meet test requirements, Christie’s staff told The Washington Post.  

The governor’s spokesman Kevin Roberts wrote in an emailed statement to the Associated Press, "The Governor has expressed directly to the General that his failure to meet that standard or to provide notification of his formal reprimand is both unacceptable and disappointing.”

It’s unknown how many pounds Gen. Cunniff must lose, though his fitness test results provide a vague idea. In November 2013 Cunniff took a fitness test after more than three years and flunked. His waist measured 43.5 inches, almost 5 inches over the limit.

The National Guard released a statement from Cunniff reading, "Many people struggle with weight control — I am not immune from this. However, I do recognize that military members and leaders, like myself, are held to a higher standard. I take this matter seriously and am taking the necessary steps to remedy this issue.”

[via Associated Press]