Yes, Hillary Clinton gives off a mom vibe, but she's, like, a cool mom, okay guys? In a misguided attempt to appeal to all-important millennial voters, Hillary's team might have gotten a little overeager when it comes to social media outreach. Specifically, someone told her it would be a good idea to let her Snapchat followers know that she's, "Just chillin' in Cedar Rapid." 

The video, which was posted back in July and features an awkward close-up of Hilary speaking into the camera, has been co-opted by Vine. Vine user "its moi" set off a chain reaction when they paired the footage with a very chill bottle reclining on a very chill rock next to a super chill lake sporting the chillest coozie: 

So far the vine has been played more than 17 million times, has amassed about 130,000 likes, and has been re-posted on Vine roughly 76,000 times. It also inspired a wave of riffs and imitations.  

Given that Vine's primary demographic is definitely below legal voting age, it's unclear whether Hillary's fleeting meme fame will boost her in the polls.

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