If you're thinking of buying a new phone, you might want to wait a few weeks until Apple's next big event on September 9, when the company is expected to debut a new iPhone. That date has not been officially confirmed yet, but it's a good guess—after all, the Verge reports, Apple has released new iPhones around that time every year since 2011.

So what can we expect in this new release? The Verge predicts that the new phone will be "physically identical" to the iPhone 6, but with "some radical hardware changes." Word on the street is that the phone will also use the Apple Watch's "force touch technology," which is also found on the new MacBook and MacBook Pros. 

Along with a new phone, we're also likely to see new iPads, according to BuzzFeed, and the brand-spankin' new Apple TV. (We were supposed to meet the new TV at this year's WWDC, but it didn't happen.) When the new products drop, we'll be sure to update you with all the necessary details.

[via the Verge and BuzzFeed]