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Watch the first few seconds of the video above, then pause it shortly after the grueling intro. You see those three gentlemen social piranhas staring back at you? In addition to looking like the cast of a low rent version of Entourage set in the clearance section of PacSun, the bro-tastic trio is about to assault your intellect with one of the lamest attempts at a "prank video" in recent memory. What's so wrong with that, you ask? Big fan of pranks, are we? Let's dissect this before we swiftly discard it:

In less than 20 seconds, the video goes from simply being grotesquely lame to downright racist. How in the fuck, in the year 2015, could someone possibly think that a "prank" based on a decidedly whitewashed comparison between the so-called "hood" and the equally so-called "suburbs" amount to anything other than a failed attempt at humor using society's exponentially desperate need for improved racial relations as some sort of jumping off point for ignorance posing as satire? Even if we, as viewers, accept everything in this video as fact (not so fast / more on that below), then the racist undertones still stand entirely unchallenged. Also, this is not satire. This barely qualifies doesn't even qualify as comedy.

As for accepting anything here as fact, even a cursory viewing of the clip warrants some truly laughable (if they weren't so fucking insulting) inconsistencies. For the "hood" portion of their video, the ill-brained sacks of vapidity behind Twinz TV seem to believe that West Hollywood would qualify as indicative of proving their point (what is the point, again?). For example, the first shot of the trio running (away from their careers?) takes place near El Centro Avenue — right by Good Times at Davey Wayne's and The W Hotel. Right across the street? A luxury apartment building which also houses Soul Cycle. Later, we see the twinz (?) failing at YouTubery near the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard and Complex's West Coast office. Nearby? The fucking Chateau Marmont. In short, shit is fake. Very, very fake.

After you shake off this video waste of bandwidth, stare directly into the closest mirror and recite the following to yourself:

"This is why we can't have nice things, America."