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Zoe Kravitz, the coolest girl in school, will star in Black Belle, a brand new Western project set to start filming this fall, according to Deadline. The Divergent star will play a trigger-happy bounty hunter from the Old West who is intent on finding whoever killed her mother. Can you actually think of someone else better to play that role, though? No wonder everyone's afraid of asking her out

The budding movie star has been gaining a lot of star power recently, starring alongside Charlize Theron in this summer's insane Mad Mad: Fury Road. You can also catch her in the buzzy new hip-hop comedy, Dope, out on June 19th, and in Kid Cudi's smalltown love story, Vincent-N-Roxxy (which is totally coming out at some point). 

Not much is known about Black Belle right now, except that it will be set in the time "just after the Civil War," according to Deadline. It will also be directed by Shana Betz; Betz made her directorial debut with the 2013 biopic Free Ride starring Anna Paquin.