Wikileaks has released a second batch of stolen documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

In the ridiculous amount of new files, there's one that dishes on the dirty side of Hollywood aka the sexually transmitted diseases.

Yeah, STD's are a focal point of Sony's concerns about who they hire for what and made actors fill out a "cold sore questionnaire"

Radar reports that "while prepping to film the recent release Aloha, for example, the studio learned that one of the actors (whom Radar chose not to identify) was taking medication for sores."

The actor, who was not one of the leads, revealed in the questionnaire that he used Abbreva (a cold sore preventative measure that's not a prescription) and in response— Sony urged to revise and show a prescription medication if it was in use as well. 

With some actors that refused to fill the questionnaire, email disputes were also present in said file leaks. Will the Sony savagery ever come to an end?