Earlier this week, Machine Gun Kelly stopped by the Complex offices to discuss the week's biggest news stories with our own Jinx, Emily Oberg, and Sean Evans. MGK's thoughts on professional struggle rapper and apparent dimwit Chet Haze were bountiful and noteworthy — particularly a personal story involving a mostly hilarious run-in with Haze at a nightclub.

However, Kelly's thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover were far less enlightened. In the middle of the discussion, Kelly appears to stumble upon a slow-burning realization surrounding the topic at hand. "I didn't know that was Bruce Jenner until you guys just said that that was Bruce Jenner," Kelly says. "I thought that was a Jenner we never heard about." Of course, that is not Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair — that is most certainly Caitlyn Jenner.

Filing Kelly's supposed revelation and subsequent fumbling of words under 'genuine mistake' would be much easier if he didn't later laugh during the discussion, saying "This is so gnarly, that this is a subject" and slyly calling the topic "crazy." Is Kelly's reaction and general aloofness regarding the transgender experience indicative of a larger problem within certain sectors of hip-hop — i.e. the problem of acceptance? Viewed alongside recent news of Snoop Dogg's tasteless meme, Clint Eastwood's scrapped Guys' Choice Awards joke, and Drake Bell's remarkably insensitive tweets — the problem would sadly appear to have feet in every medium of creative expression.

In all fairness though, not even Rob Kardashian knew who Caitlyn Jenner was the first time he saw her.