With his experience as the crotch face of Calvin Klein, Justin Beiber's casting the model-centric Zoolander 2 wasn't a stretch. But, as he revealed in an interview with WWD, his first movie role will involve quite a bit of stretching, running, and flipping. 

It turns out Bieber's face will be the first thing we'll see in the long-awaited sequel. The opening sequence will involve a full parkour sequence from the singer-turned-model-turned-actor. "I’ve never really done something like that before," Bieber said. "I didn’t expect Ben [Stiller] to be so hands on. It was really cool to have him direct me in such a nonthreatening way. I wasn’t intimated at all." 

Is this the start of bonafide action star Justin Bieber? We'll find out, but this sounds similar to how Daniel Craig started off his run as James Bond.