Farrah Abraham’s plan to save the world seems to be going swell. As of April she announced her plans to become a plastic surgeon, not because she was experienced in the subject, but because she wanted to help people. Abraham said, 

And now Abraham is giving back by selling her DNA. Abraham is working with Celebrity Gene, which liquefies a celeb’s DNA (usually from a hair sample) and puts it in a vial up for sale for charity.  If you want to carry the Backdoor Teen Mom with you everywhere you’ll have to cough up $99, half of which will go to Farrah’s charity of choice Operation Underground Railroad, helping to rescue kidnapped kids from slavery, with Abraham banking a cool $30,000 and some sales profit.  

But if Abraham isn't your cup of tea, Celebrity Gene also has Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Elvia, and Al Capone.


[via TMZ]