Brian Williams spoke in public for the first time today since his suspension for embellishing details of a trip to Iraq. As is tradition, the former NBC Nightly News hit Today to speak with Matt Lauer about his transgressions. Although he apologized again, he still insists he didn't knowingly lie. Williams said:

I told stories that were not true. I never intended to. It got mixed up. It got turned around in my mind. I own this. I own up to this.

Yesterday NBC announced Williams will stick with the network but not return to host NBC Nightly News. Instead he'll move over to MSNBC to cover breaking news, and Lester Holt will become his permanent replacement. He said of the switch:

Was it my first choice? No. Obviously I wanted to return to my old job. I pushed back at first. Enough time has passed. I accept the decision. 

Watch the interview above.