Rumors of a completion for a Boondock Saints trilogy have been in place for a couple of years now following the cult-status achieving, Norman-Reedus-starring The Boondock Saints in 1999 and its less successful sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day ten years later. The series’ loyal fan base will soon be rewarded, not with another film (yet), but with a prequel series on TV. 

Creator Troy Duffy will be writing the prequel series, which will be an origin story about vigilante bros. Connor and Murphy MacManus—originally played by Sean Patrick Flannery and Reedus. Duffy talked about plans for the series saying, 

Flannery and Reedus are in talks to return to the show, but only as executive producers so expect some fresh-faced dudes to star.

[via Uproxx]