It's like the old commercial said:  the best part of waking up, is getting really high

As marijuana retailers amaze us with the things they're selling in states where such things are legal, this newest one probably has people outside Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska really jealous because it combines weed with the something Americans actually love more than weed: coffee

Yahoo reports that there are now several places selling and making cannabis-infused K-Cups and coffee pods, including Catapult Premium Infused Coffee pods sold for $10 each at Uncle Ike's Pot Shop and House of Jane (which also has weed-infused creamers). 

House of Jane said they even have a weed-infused vanilla bean "Frappuccino" in the works (hopefully they don't get sued by Starbucks). 

 As for the feeling the weed coffee provides, one guy told Yahoo, “I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.