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If you miss Robin Williams, you'll be able to witness his comedic genius again in theaters soon. Williams voices a talking dog in the over-the-top comedy Absolutely Anything, the last project he completed before his suicide last year.

To get why Williams plays a furry friend in this movie, you need to know the plot: aliens, voiced by the cast of Monty Python, are testing one human's ability to use unlimited power for good—if he fails, they get to destroy the Earth. The human in question is played by Simon Pegg, a totally ordinary dude who realizes he can use his new powers to do, well, absolutely anything—including giving his dog the ability to talk. Hilarity ensues.

While it all sounds a bit ridiculous, Williams pulls it off in a way that only he can. It's almost enough to make you wish you were stuck with him as an annoying, talking mutt—one who frequently vocalizes his love for biscuits and shagging your leg. Watch the trailer above. 

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