Huell (Lavell Crawford) from Breaking Bad, possibly the most likeable person to ever recline on a bed of cash, has remained a source of speculative contention among fans since the show's finale back in 2013. If you've ever used the internet, you've probably seen "Huell's Rules," a fake sitcom trailer imagining Huell's post-Breaking Bad existence — still hopelessly tucked away in that safehouse, awaiting Hank and Gomez's return.

In the recently released Breaking Bad: The Official Book, creator Vince Gilligan finally confronts Huell's fate with certainty — practically undermining virtually all of the fun in the process.

Here's Vince on Huell's eternal wait, taken from the book:

"Yes, sadly he’s waiting morosely on that sofa, looking like a lost puppy. [Laughs] No; it’s likely that Agent Van Oster keeps in touch with DEA headquarters. So, when he learns Gomez and Hank have gone missing, he would in short order tell his superiors what they were up to. Within a matter of hours, really not that many in story time, Huell will be taken back to HQ. They’ll question him, find out what he knows — which isn’t much — and he’ll be let out on the street. Right now, he’s doing what Huell does best, whatever that is. He’s out and about as a free man."

I like to imagine Huell has reclined on dozens of hidden stashes of money in the years since Walter White's fall. Be strong, Huell. The wait is never really over.