A manager of a Queens, New York Starbucks may or may not have been experiencing caffeine-induced rage when she went off on a customer in front of everyone. 

According to Grubstreet, the manager, a woman named Melissa, accused Ruby Chen of stealing a cookie straw to go with her drink, but Chen says she was just fumbling with her Starbucks app and didn't hear when an employee spoke to her. 

Where have we seen this video before?

Screenshots of Starbucks' verified Facebook account responding to people asking about the video seem to show that Melissa is no longer with the company.

Update: You gotta hear both sides, and PIX11 made sure to do just that by interviewing Melissa, the (former) Starbucks employee captured in the video above. Unfortunately, Melissa's side of the story isn't really justifying—it really just boils down to, "I lost my temper." Watch below: