Jimmy Fallon is a business, man. The Tonight Show regularly takes over the Internet, he started that new show Lip Sync Battle, and he almost dated Nicole Kidman—the man is everywhere. Most recently, he was in a hilarious, black-and-white cover of a 90's rock classic. Fallon and Jack Black (rest his soul—where have you BEEN, Jack Black?) did a shot-by-show remake of the sort-of-love song "More Than Words" by 90's rock band Extreme.

The duo is great together: Black, who is wonderful in absolutely everything (no, everything), totally commits to the video. Fallon plays the guitar, is super feeling his hair, and is mostly trying not to laugh. The whole thing is worth it just to watch Black belt out, "Hold me close / Don't ever let me go-o-o-o!"

And psst—if you were born after 1990 and don't get why this is funny, don't worry. All you have to know is Weird Al Yanokic once parodied this song, and it was also used as the inspiration for a song about sexual health called "More Than Warts." The '90s were great, no?

Watch the video above.