As David Letterman's Late Show tenure nears its end, the volume of high-profile guests continues to grow exponentially. Former saxophone star Bill Clinton stopped by on Tuesday — carrying a decidedly lighthearted spirit and calm confidence regarding Hillary's own path to the White House. When Letterman asked Big Willie to estimate the likelihood of his return to the White House, specifically requesting a percentage, the former president kept the mood relatively humble.

"If [Hillary] wins the election," Clinton responded, "the chances are 100% I’ll move back — if I’m asked." Clinton added that a Hillary victory "would be a good thing for America," and — ongoing email troubles aside — the country currently seems to agree with him. Though Hillary is the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, things on the Republican side of the political Super Bowl seem far more tumultuous.

If I knew anything at all about sports, I would have ended this with a brilliant football analogy.