A shooting inside of a Phoenix home left five people dead yesterday, authorities say. 

The Associated Press reports that the bodies of three men—brothers, according to police—and two women were recovered inside of the north Phoenix residence. One of the women is said to be the mother of one of the men, while the other is one of the men's wives. What's more, police told the Associated Press that two other women and two children managed to flee the home, avoiding injury.

Prior to the shooting, police engaged in a standoff with the home's inhabitants, attempting to communicate with members of the family via megaphone. According to Sgt. Trent Crump, one of the women who escaped told authorities that the shooting was the result of an argument over the family business. 

According to the Associated Press, it remains unclear at the time how many people exchanged gunfire. However, police told the Associated Press that they are not searching for any other suspects. 

[via Associated Press]